Ok. I Will talk to my Son; Can you also talk to your Daughter Pls !!

happy family

‘Teach your Sons’ seems to be the next big tagline. Much hyped, much exaggerated, much-needed, much abused.

Of course the boy needs to be taught.

But why only the Boys. Why only the Mom’s of Boys.

Why not the Girls ?

I Promise to sit and talk with my SOn. . .

But can you also sit and talk to your Daughter on, 

How not to keep quiet when molested;

How to ask for help when abused;

Can you please teach her Martial Arts, any one of it. It’s a life saving skill, just like cooking.

How to fight back. How to hit back.

How to wipe away the Victim tag. How not to be a Victim anymore.

The Boy’s are becoming better. But what are the girls becoming?

The girls need to become stronger in addition to becoming prettier.

We are moving strongly towards a generation of extremely Strong-willed and No-nonsense women.

The threats, the abuse, the shame we faced as girls or as women in itself will become a history. A story of the past.

And it is possible only if we talk to our Sons and Daughters alike.

Sharing your experience with your Son is very important. It is also equally important to share it with your daughter.

If a situation must arise, She should not bury that shame like you did.

She should not hide the scar with makeup like you did.

She must not cry like you did. She must not live like we lived.

Talk to her on how you feared and failed. this could be the biggest inspiration.

Not just the shame, but talk about the Proud Moments too. Talk about how you stood up for someone, talk about how your friend defended you, talk about how a stranger slapped  a stranger for you.

For some the Inspiration does not start from home, It starts from the Womb.

Most importantly talk about Men. No. Not about your father. Stop bragging about your father. Fathers are Angels to every daughter. But there is much more to Men.

Talk about your best guy friend, talk about your hero college mate. talk about that gentleman colleague, talk about the He Heros. Not all Men are against Women; Not all Women are For Women.

When you have a story to say, say it !!

Come out of your closet and talk to your Sons and Daughters alike.

And she will be the face of the Next Gen Bold and Beautiful Women, who will face my Son Head On, who i promise will be the Next Gen Gentleman.

Together we will take a Parenting Win back home.


A little Boy’s Amma.

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