Mamma’s Boy ~ Today and Forever !!


Yes I hear you chuckle at the topic.

Not anyone’s fault. Of the many myths that’s eaten our senses, A Mamma’s Boy, stands out as the most laughable and shameful.

The same society, that calls ‘Daddy’s Girl’ as a pride, refers to ‘Mamma’s boy’ as Shame.

I am writing this piece to call it all a Bluff, A Bluff that you have believed with open eyes, well not just believed but shamed.

Boys Men, who asked for help from their moms, who consult for a second opinion, who look up to her for some emotional support are often termed as Momma’s Boy.

While, Women Girls, who hugged their Dad and flaunted the selfies, with age no bar, were glorified as Daddy’s Girl.

While am still writing this piece, I am torn between 2 strong emotions of being a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ to nurturing a toddler to be a ‘Momma’s Boy’.

Both these tags form the core character of who I am.

Why is it so strong an emotion, when a girl can derive her strength from her Dad, and a weakness when a boy derives it from his Mom.

Probably, all this while, we have given the Right Tag to the Wrong Person.

I hope, years down, when Mrs.BabyVed reads this article, she will know for sure and be proud that I raised him up to be a Momma’s Boy.

Not the kind of Momma’s boy you laugh at,

But the kind of Momma’s boy;

  1. Who will hug me at his 30 and kiss me at his 50.
  2. Who will run up to me at any indecisive phase in his life, and we will sort it out together.
  3. Who will listen to all I say, but never will convert them to action.
  4. Who will quote me as the strongest lady in the world, the strength that I pass on to him to become a gentleman.
  5. Who I wish will curl up on my lap in his 40, and we rewind to his toddler days, talking nonsensical stuff.
  6. Who will call me up on the days he is broke.
  7. Who will fail in life and know that I am there at the other end of the door believing him through his failures.
  8. Who will walk up to me, with the love of his life, and pass on that tender smile, meaning am not the number 1 anymore.
  9. Who has a mother, who will fight through subtle tears, when she knows she is not the number 1 anymore.
  10. Who will hug me on his wedding day and we will replay that very first divine kiss he planted when he was 4 months old.
  11. Who I will pick up from rock bottom through prayers.
  12. Who I have raised to be the best life partner and a better father.
  13. Who will relive our memories each day, even after I become just a memory.
  14. Who will derive all things positive and strong through his mother’s love.

Who will be proud to be called a Momma’s Boy.

She Inspired him, She believed in him, She loved him, She knew him, his weakness and strengths alike, She prayed for him, She kissed him, She lived for him, She pained for him, She wanted the best in everything for him;

So why not just shed your ego, and give her the long pending due, and allow her to Proudly call her Beloved Son, as ‘Momma’s Boy’ 🙂


A little boy’s amma.


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