My Tender First love that haunts !!



It was love at first sight;

Yes, It was Tender;

It was also mighty Splendour;

Yes, it was Precious;

No, wait, it was Priceless;

Yes, it was an awesome feeling;

The kind that’d send you Reeling;

Yes, I knew the first time I saw him,

that, this love was for here to stay,

until, fate, whispered, it was only a matter of time;

So many years, precisely, Twenty-Five;

I cried, He held.I was five then;

Then, I held ~ He cried. I was twenty-five now;

When I held, the hand of the man I married,

My 1st love joined in and squeezed my hand,

leaving 2 pairs of eyes wet as the morning dew;

We exchanged, dreams, tears and loads of memories,

that would be the only treasure, I’d carry for centuries;

I hesitantly held on to the new married man of my life,

as my 1st love gently pulled away his, with grace;

the same grace that I fell in love with, the 1st time I saw.

I was 3yrs then.

I leave a part of my 1st love Unattended,

In the core of my heart, untouched and unadulterated.

Here’s to you My 1st love, a lifetime of loyalty!

Here’s to you APPA, A lifetime of Love !!






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