If not now;

If not today, then maybe I never will tell you, that,
You’re My SuperHero!!

I have never told you so,
But then, My untold thoughts you always knew;

With each second that passes by,
I fall in love with the twinkle in your eye;

Once, I was busy chasing dreams,
Until one fine morning you fell in my arms like a dream;

If not for that morning,
I would have still been lying in the Ocean of Blues, chasing;

Here lay a Baby Boy in my lap,
Where once empty prayers and desperate cries lived;

I lost myself the moment I touched you,
I lost myself to you;

You were the newborn Superman,
Who gave birth to lovely mother in me;

I was just existing,
The moment you cried into my soul, I started living;

That little angel rolled up in a white cloth,
Is my dear Son, saying i beamed with pride;

As I held you close and got the heavenly glimpse of those glorious eyes,
I felt the stinging love, the love that makes pain a pleasure;

The world at my feet,
For I have the Tiny Gentleman’s strength in my Heart;

Then I gently shed that precious tear,
When I knew i was the most blessed Mother;

This is the best memory of my life,
second best to, kissing my Dad at death;

Each morning, I promise to kiss you,
A million heartfelt, I LOVE Yous;

Each night, I will close my eyes with you by my side,
For What-if tomorrow, I don’t make it to forever with you;


A Little Boy’s Amma.

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