I Sent My Son to Day-Care, and Guilt did not follow me ~Selfishly Yours, Amma !!


It all boiled down to that moment, that discussion with that person. 

Who gladly was a self proclaimed judge in his own terms and was furious of  my ‘selfish’ act of wanting to enrol Baby Ved in a Daycare.

He also uninvitingly reminded me on how blessed I should be to become a mother and unpleasantly advised me on Parenting my Son, whom I gave birth to.

He also intimidatingly cautioned me to value my ‘Job’ less than my ‘Son’. Meaning ‘quit’ the Job.

Seriously, you think, the heights of you’re love towards your children is not measured on the date & time you put them in Daycare houses.

How many of us have parents who are ill and old and unable to manage a hyperactive toddler.

Every mother that I have spoken to at work have given me immense faith and hope and confidence in raising up my child the way I want, which is without a doubt the best way.

We have shared opinions, thoughts, inspired each other, encouraged each other, motivated each other and some days I feel those working moms were the only reason that I did not give up on my career.

Those fragile but brave single moms, whose support systems have all gone for a toss, they are the heroes for me. The battles they face, having to do the balancing act is beyond me.

Not the one, who easily gives me an option to quit.

When I decided to leave my Son at Daycare (Yes I decided. Baby Ved’s dad left that toughest task gracefully to me) I did it with a lot of planning.

Not once did I feel guilty throughout the process. Not Once. Not one single time.

If guilt, of all is said to be an emotion for leaving your child alone, then I had that damn guilt from the day I started working after my maternity leave. when Baby Ved was all of just 5.5 months tiny baby.

Coming from a family of Woman, who worked their way out to make a living, who not just stood by their own legs, but thoughts and opinions, I did not feel the ‘Odd one out’ syndrome when I continued work after maternity leave.

After all that’s what every humble family does throughout the world.

That’s what every dad prays for his daughter, when he provided education.

that’s what every mother hopes for her daughter, that she will show the world her greatness.

Sending your child to day care is not a crime, and much more below are few of the wonderful confessions of some of the beautiful working Moms:

  •  That Separation Anxiety is not just for the Child, it is experienced a hundred fold by the mother too.
  • Keeping your child close to you beyond a certain age is going to do more harm than good.
  • It is perfectly fine to feel inadequate, but don’t dwell there.
  •  You will definitely love the new independent child.
  • If not today, one day your child is going to get exposed to this beautiful world of schooling and learning.
  • Taking the first bold step and importantly that leap of faith makes half the job complete.
  •  And when you hand over your precious child to the caretakers make sure you say that prayer of love and believe your child will be in God’s hand, safe and happy, not just in day care but forever.

Finally, don’t forget yet~  you know what is good for your child, after all it was you who took all the pain.

One day, not very far, your child will walk up to you and thank you for the kind of trust you had in her/him to let go and kiss your hardworking hands in gratitude for all that you provided.


A little boy’s Amma.







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