A Writer Without Money !!


Of late, I’ve been asked quite a few times by colleagues and friends alike, on, how much money I make by writing.

Also a few suggestions on how to improve my ‘presence’ in the internet.

On how to grab the attention of potential readers who will visit my page and thereby I can earn a handful.

On how to convert my writing to money.

I was excited in the beginning and thought I should go for it.

but when I give a honest reflection to it, I think I will pay myself only Sweet Nothings;

I don’t even think any one will ever read my blog more than once. Because i don’t write to perfection. I will blame it on my incompetency.

When I dint even knew, I could write articles or blogs, there were 2 situations that helped me discover this;

The death of my Father and the birth of my Son. Which happened back to back, like WW2 Bombings.

I have had quiet a few revelations after the birth of my Son. One of them being writing, followed very closely by insanity 🙂

One day, when Baby Ved reads through this blog, I want him to know that, I wrote this for him. this humble attempt to swim through words and make a record of things happening in his life, are all for him.

One day he will read this to know, there lived a Momma who loved him like she has never loved any one before. A momma with humble beginnings, a Momma with gentle emotions for her little boy.

A momma who wrote for him, A momma who wrote about him, all of her genuine thoughts, for him to believe that, he can be anyone in this world, but for her, He is the world.

Perhaps, if I write for money, I would focus more on the spell checks and grammar and not on the content.

I would be more disturbed by the misplaced nouns and pronouns (whatever they are).

I would lose my sleep over social media bashing on my ignorance on when to use “your and You’re”.

And by giving importance to all this, I would have missed the very essence of setting up this blog ~ ‘my son’.

I don’t want to spend my all so genuine emotions in frantically trying to find the appropriate words to describe them. My simple language is what my baby understands, he has been hearing it from the time he was as small as a mustard seed.

You can never be me. Utterly Shy and pathetic when it comes to the language called English. But then its about writing, it can be any language.

I intend to write more, I urge every mother to write more. Not for making money, but Memories.

The power of writing is with the writer. its not in the grammar, its not in the language, its not with the literature experts. If at all you should have the urge to start something for your Child /Children, then please don’t put away that golden thought.

The call is for the mothers. You never know, who is going to be inspired by the love you have for your kids.

Write for yourself, write for your kids.

They will be grateful to you for those written words of love !!


A little boy’s Amma.




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