You asked for IT !! You better deal with it !


If there is something that i miss badly after becoming a mother, then it definitely would be sleep. I am not asking for much. Just 3 hours straight i want to sleep uninterrupted.

But that looks like a distant dream.

When i dreamt of having a baby, i dreamt of,

Soft Cuddles and Sweet Kisses;

Warm Hugs & Lazy Talks;

Warmer Nights & Cozy Dreams;

Perfect Pictures & Clean House;

I thought babies just have to be fed tummy full and they will keep quiet.

I assumed, babies dint have Mood Swings.

Yes that’s the word.Assumed. I assumed it will all be a Rosie walk from here.

As proud as i am of my toddler, I am double the scared of him.

His tantrums, his naughtiness, his hyperactivity.

His selective hearing capability,

The ease with which he does the things, that he has been warned not to.

The sleepless midnight’s he wants to roll around.

Slowly somewhere I can see a monster brewing inside of me.

I shout at him, much to my dismay. i dint want to do it, but i dont know how else to get his attention.

I keep repeating to him, that I will whack him. I keep threatening him, that i will go to office on weekends too, and that i will dump him in daycare.

Although, none of the above made much sense to him and he was unmoved.

He is right here, sleeping so peacefully in my lap, my leg is hurting, but i don’t want to let him go.

Its not he who has changed, but its me. The incompetent mother in me.

He is just about Normal.He is Growing, Growing to be a Terrible Toddler.

He wants to put his hands into the table fan. None of what i explained to him convinced him. He did put his hand, but thankfully there was no electricity.

I can see myself murmuring in prayer, “this is not the child I wanted”

But that’s just half of my heart saying that. Because i always wanted this child, i prayed for this child.

This delightful child, who makes my head and world spin.

This terrible toddler, who eats my energy so sweetly.

I cant deny him. I cant be angry with him for straight 2 minutes.

A life and future of a little human is going to depend on my words and action, is too big an ask from me. I was not prepared for this.

And then i remember, I am his mother, I asked for him. I prayed for him. I will take care of him.

I need to groom my mommy skills. I need to fine tune my parenting nerves.

I always prayed that God did not give me anything that I cannot handle. I wished he did not trust me so much.

But he has trusted me and handed over this beautiful, glowing, naughty, hyperactive boy.

If at all there are people who create first impressions on a child’s character and heart, then it is the parents.

He has grown so fast, already 15 months, and i dont want to scream and make these precious first few years of his life a terrible memory.

For now, I will embrace my hyper toddler, and let few tears of joy roll down as i kiss my handsome Ved and whisper to him, Amma will not shout at him from this moment.


A little boy’s Amma.


There are only very few ‘Genuine’ mothers in this world ~ Sadly !!



I happened to hear a bizarre statement a couple of weeks back, rather I was told that,

Mothers who had Natural Childbirth or the so called ‘Normal’ delivery are the ones who love their children most.

Seems like only ‘those’ women knew what ‘Real’ pain is !!

Astonishingly this declaration came from a Woman… who further added that the labour is the most intense pain ever and you will know the value of the baby only if you delivered naturally.

I was like, Uhh !! Umm!! well not really .. I had a C-Section, and I love my Son, more than all of the love put together in this world.

This is not just one Bizarre Statement, that float around… there is more to this, like,

You are a ‘Divine’ mother if you had a Normal delivery.

You are a ‘Not-so-Divine’ mother if you had a Caesarean.

You are a ‘Lucky’ mother if you’re firstborn is a Boy.

You are a ‘burdened’ mother is you’re firstborn is a Girl.

You are a ‘Nice’ mother if you breastfed you’re child.

You are a ‘Selfish’ mother if you did not breastfeed.

You are a ‘Blessed’ mother if you had a child within 1 yr of marriage.

But, let me tell you, which ever type of mother you are, you are the best.

You have gone through weird emotions, unpleasant days, public embarrassment and strange happenings all through pregnancy.

It is such a real struggle, that goes so unnoticed, only because you decided not to make a big deal out of it.

More than the time, effort, love and money, you have invested a lot of you’re health for this little being.

You may not realise, you may not believe, if I tell you that, your child thinks that, you are the bestest thing that has ever happened to Her/Him.

You are the Superhero in their hearts today. it may change tomorrow, that’s inevitable. But today, you are the SuperHero, and you mean the world to them.

Don’t let anyone describe how much more or less you love you’re child, just on the basis on how and when you delivered.

Always remember, when God called you to be a Mother, he did not ask for perfection or normal delivery. He chose you for the highest order of blessing.

And yes, There are only very few ‘Genuine’ mothers in this world ~ and YOU are one of them !!


A little boy’s Amma.