Dear Son, I want you to be the Man, I always wanted to be!!


It would easily be the Hypocrisy of the highest order, if I deny my secret dream or wish, that I was born a Boy.

More than once, I have had this secret wish.

When I was a child, maybe around 10yrs, when my brother was given the privilege to roam around and I was told I belonged to the house.

When I was a teenager, when I did not understand multiple happenings around me, and when my brother did not bother to be bothered about anything, and still roamed around the streets.

When I couldn’t wear shorts to the Theme Park.

When I couldn’t talk standing at street corners with friends.

When I couldn’t leave the house whenever I wanted and came in as I pleased.

When I couldn’t be least worried about how long my skirt was and when my brother loitered around the house topless.

Probably there were so many other things I was denied as a Girl Child, and when I look back, these things hardly matter to me now. They were passing emotions.

But there are some moments that are adamantly sitting on my memory lane. Those moments I really wished I was a Boy.

Like the one instance, I was (eve) teased by random school boys, I couldn’t do anything but run as fast as I can. I would have been an Olympian if only I had put in more effort.

Like the other day in bus, when I was still 12 yrs old, and a couple of classmates with me, and we were again (eve) teased. yet again silenced by fear.

Like that moment when my relative told my Appa, why would you need to spend so much on (just) a Girl’s education.

Like that, annoying rule, when everyone agrees that, girls need to talk  slowly and keep opinions to themselves.

Like that Embarrassing TV Ad, where only ‘fair’ girls got good jobs and ‘Fair’ boyfriends.

So many more, that I have lost count of them.

But yeah, I still wish I was Born a Boy, not just for walking around topless, but for many more. I did promise myself, that one day when I have a Boy Baby, I will impose my ‘Dream Boy’ dream in him.

Like, I want this boy in my lap,

To step aside and let his female companion board the bus first.

To open door for her.

To resist the thought of abusing or teasing a woman and to run hundred yards away from that scene instead of making her run.

To tell his mom, that no one cares, if she wears short skirts 😀

To assure his mom, that he is not the nightmare in a teenager girl’s life.

To say NO to racism of any form.

To think he does not belong to the Stronger Sex.

To embrace the victory of his Lady.

To ‘not’ post inappropriate content in social media.

To fight hard the urge to be a bully.

To be ignorant to the thoughts of shaming woman and her body.

So much more, so many more.

The future belongs to the Mothers of Boys to make this world a better place.

Being a mother to a boy has made me discover so many untouched layers of my soul.

Boys are not always a Bully; They are what their mother’s create them to be. Tiny Gentlemen !!

The calling is for Mothers with Boys.

Mother’s of tiny Baby Girls, a wise word for you “Just relax”.

You will know very soon that, Boys are sweet, Boys are Kind, Boys are Strong, Boys are Humane, Boys are Angels.


A little boy’s Amma.





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