What’s all with this whole “daddy daddy” thing ?? So frustrating most times.


Baby Ved is all but 14 months. And if he can speak some sense and if you’d ask him his favorite person, he will jump in the air and confess, “acha acha” ( meaning dad in Malayalam).

It’s perfectly ok to respond that way. But hey, what’s exactly this dad thing. Honestly it’s so frustrating.

So much for ‘this’ Acha??

The Acha who was not the first one to know that a Baby is on the way,

The Acha who does not know the meaning of nausea,

The Acha who has the faintest idea of what ‘swollen legs’ mean,

The Acha who never had sleepless nights. Probably snoring nights ? Yes, lots actually,

The Acha who never battled postpartum,

The Acha who could eat anything without having the fear of throwing up,

The Acha who did not have to bloat up,

The Acha who did not have to comprise on promotions and appraisals,

The Acha who never counted kicks,

The Acha who never had scars.

Probably the only thing the ‘acha’ ever did was the most sacred thing, the most precious privilege, the million dollar moment,

         When he held the baby first !! 

Long before I could regain some sense after fighting anesthesia, the first thing I ever saw was a glowing Acha, frozen in time, holding a newborn fresh from the mommas tummy, with tears blocking his vision and shivering with joy.

My very ordinary human brain fails to understand what so great is about this great daddy love.

Probably, the ‘Acha’ is the Unsung hero in most of our lives.

For most of us, it’s the momma who endured all the physical pain and she wins hands down in the ‘best parent’ contest.

But, just spare a minute for this Dad,

The Acha who carried both the mom and baby in his heart,

The Acha who hid his unspoken fears of pregnancy, for he does not know what exactly is happening,

The Acha who is caught up in not so happy job, just to be closer to his family,

The Acha who refuses to follow his passion, to bring back home a steady income,

The Acha whose heart breaks each time the baby  cries,

The Acha who annoys and threatens the mom, that he will kill her if something happens to the baby,

The Acha with firm words that can drive away any fear,

The Acha whose gonna hold your hand and show you a whole new world,

The Acha go will die for you, but will never tell you that,

The Acha who wishes, you hug him and kiss him as frequently as you do with your mom,

The Acha who will stand by you in your failures,

The Acha who will take pride in your success,

The Acha who will teach you Integrity, Love and Humaneness,

The Acha who will run to your rescue, even though he knows you have wronged,

the Acha who will discipline you,

The Acha who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your teenage,

The Acha who will pray that you find the right person,

The Acha who do s not want you to make the mistakes he did,

The Acha who peeps into your bedroom to whisper prayers,

The  who first dried your tears and wiped your blood,

The Acha who will ask you secret questions that no one will and will keep all your secrets as a secret, even from your mom.

The Acha, who will be the first ever person you will trust,

the Acha who you will strive to become,

The Acha who you will quote every day of your life to your kids,

The Acha with hardworking hands and kind heart,

The Acha who watches over his family and prays for them.

For God can’t be everywhere so he created mothers and for sure the same God knows that mothers can’t be everywhere and hence created fathers.

Probably it’s high time we gave the dads their long pending due.

Every time I think or feel bad that BabyVd is more of a ‘Daddy’s Boy’, I am reminded of my ‘super’ affection towards my dad.

It’s like nature giving me a taste of my own medicine.

And that’s when I let go of my ego and enjoy the ‘daddy sonny’ moment with pride !!


A little boy’s Amma.

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