I wish one day, when I give birth to a Girl, I Promise I will grow her up to be a Feminist!!

I don’t think women get equal with men one fine day. . It all starts from the day they are conceived. So for her to survive this gender battle, I will teach my little daughter to be a feminist.

How I plan to do it:

1. I will not do the ‘Traditional’ panicking the moment the doctor says ‘it’s a girl’.
2. I will Stop noticing and worrying about the complexion of my girl, the first time i hold her.
3. I will stop dreaming of buying (read stacking) gold for her.
4. I will brush away Thoughts about her marriage.
5. I will Start investing in her education.
6. I will Stop investing in land and gold for her.
7. I will Stop thinking of going abroad to save money for her dowry and marriage. I will not give dowry.
8.I will Stop telling mothers of boys, that they are lucky to have a boy child. It’s ridiculous and irritating. Seriously.
9. I will Stop taking her to marriages and family functions like a product up for sale.
10. I will not encourage my relatives when they say ‘ why spend so much money on a girl’
11. I will Encourage her to work, and be an example.
12. I will Start asking her to go out and buy eggs and milk.
13. I will Stop starting arguments like, ‘just because you are a girl child’
14. I will Stop telling her, ‘I work hard to get you married off’.
15. I will Stop telling her to keep her opinions to herself.
16. I will not give her wings of wealth, instead will provide wings of education.
17. I will not tell her, that I am alive to see her wedding. But I am alive to see her succeed.
18. I will tell her, Not to find the right guy, but look out for the right family. Every guy is as good as his mother.
19. I will not force her to learn cooking.
20. i will not ask her to be fair but lovely.
21. Absolutely no body shaming talks at home.
22. And of course I will tell her that, she is my Pride and my Nidhi , but I love Ved more than her 🙂
PS: I seriously don’t think there is any difference in a boy or girl child. All diapers cost the same 😁


A little boy’s  Amma.

2 thoughts on “I wish one day, when I give birth to a Girl, I Promise I will grow her up to be a Feminist!!

  1. A good one …but do not understand the point 22. I do not agree to point 20 . Why should girls be expected to please everyone by being lovely?They dunt need to please and just like any boys they can go as per their wish!


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