Oh Boy ~ you’re So Much Trouble (Literally)!!


You are wide awake and demand all the attention, when I have just called it a day and want to crash.

You just don’t seem to get them, My Tiredness !!

You order my every move.

You command my every step.

I have lost sense of what I actually like in life.

My wants and wishes have your name, BabyVed, stamped all over.

You take time (lots of time) to let me have a meal peacefully. Oh and I forgot what peace actually meant.

You chose what dress I wear.

You change my hairstyle every day.

I’ve lost my long locks and traded them for shorter cuts.

All for you, to spend those extra seconds with you.

I have exchanged my handbag for diaperbags. It’s full of cars and Superman and diapers and your Onesies.

My wardrobe is as nasty as a homeless man and yours like a King.

You’re so much trouble during bath time and much worse during meal time.

Oh boy!! You made me forget what quietness meant.

You try swallowing every non-edible stuff and everything that’s meant to be eaten is on the floor.

You jump out of the high chair, force your way into the kitchen, roll over the bed faster than light, and make every impossible task look like a piece of cake.

But dear BabyVed, not for second, would I have wished otherwise.

In the midst of all these chaos, not once have I wished otherwise.

You made me forget what quietness meant, but in the process, you definitely made me forget what loneliness meant.

You made me realise, life of a momma of a boy, is nothing but an adventure less experienced.

Never have I wished the ideal obedient baby boy in your place or the quiet smiley smiley baby girl.

When people laughed at your timidity and called you ‘Anti-Social’ as you clinged to my neck tightly, I knew I was Blessed Beyond a Measure.

Sticking only to his momma, is his way of telling everyone, She means the world to him.

Every emotion of yours is well known to me.

And every tooth that finds its way out to join your smile, is a treasure to me.

God gave you to me, he will give me the strength to take care of you.

In place of BabyVed, I would have had pockets full, peaceful sleeptime and a great alone time for myself. But my heart would have been empty.

Without BabyVed, I would have given up on everything so easily. But the strength to endure everything in life is from you. My little BabyVed.

I might have lost my sleep, strength, time and peace but I have discovered a whole new ‘Myself’ in this process.


The myself, who is the momma who bites her own fingers to resist everytime, the thought of whacking you, for all the mess you create. 🙂


A little boy’s Amma.



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